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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2007 2007-04-20 Omero Review Meeting - Beta 2 12:30 GMT

2007-04-20 Omero Review Meeting - Beta 2 12:30 GMT




  • Ticket #674 and Java 1.6 support for our clients
    • Initial testing with Michael for CLASSPATH solution
    • Importer, Admin and Insight Beta 1.2 releases with Java 1.6 support as we find solutions
    • Notifications to ome-users and ome-devel about 1.6 support (or lack-there-of)
      • (Update: email sent late Friday to ome-users; initial testing good; targeting release on April 25)
  • Jason will take forward the notes from Josh and integrate with
  • OMERO Trac tickets cleanup early next week (Chris + Josh)
  • Pushing back release schedule two weeks to May 21st
  • WebAdmin and user/group security system tickets will go up this afternoon

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