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2007-03-23 Omero Review Meeting - Beta 2 12:30 GMT




  • paris
    • time to hook up (users and devs)
    • haven't had much luck with devs in the past
    • lots of possibilities with usable images
    • taster sessions! (mention recordings etc. and/or video release forms)
    • david available for a quicky on second day
    • installation clinic (on laptops and wireless)
    • interest in integrating analysis tools (reqs/use cases)!!
    • formats
    • (missing-)metadata discussion (bioformats/notebook)
    • 4 WGs: formats, install, analysis, (?)
    • then longer term for OMERO for the rest of the year!

      • guys will organize themselves (cars, etc.)
      • get wine drinking on time table. (josh will there be early!)


    • j.m:
      • build last week; few minor bugs
      • another build this week.
      • lots of new features with not too many bugs
      • try to kick the tires before giving it to users
      • brian: don't want new users on untested client.
      • migrate from 2 week cycle to 1 week test cycle (at iteration ~4)
      • packaging issue:
      • - load xml from classpath
      • - logs in user directory
      • - prefs are there already
      • - means we wouldn't need an importer for mac.

    • rendering stuff in beta2?
      • file handles and other issues on the server
      • batch processing to set the elements
      • start after paris

    • user profile updateability in beta2?
      • perhaps.
      • ola's going to need changes to iadmin as well.

    • donald:
      • vector graphic of rois on the screen
      • each vertex as a pickable point
      • hopefully something on the screen by monday/tuesday
      • need to see the TICKETS

    • j.m:histograms and statistics in beta2??
      • ca:prefer rendering engine to be more robust (rather than histogram)
      • next cycle/milestone

%% after paris, let's decide what gets bumped. April is going to be crazy. %%


    • josh:
      • build (it's getting really complicated)
      • lots of smaller fixees

    • chris:
      • helping to get JSF evilness aside
      • discussions with madison
      • file handles issue!!! & cleaning up rendering engine.
      • commit early next week.

    • alex:
      • admin console : experimenters / groups / my account
      • integrate with jboss
      • needs to look into login
      • should be deployable by the time we get back from paris
      • can manage as many omero's as you want.
      • need to see the TICKETS.

    • brian:
      • lsm's are done (2channel files tested)
      • leica is a pita (has whole experiment)
        • but simple leica files work (one set of data)
      • low hanging fruit time?
      • what are the tasks for madison?
      • clean formats import.
      • what level of complexity/weirdness are we willing to support
      • TICKETS coming.


    • svn/trac for xsd?
      • not own trac??
      • separate milestone for XML stuff.
      • andrew has been populating over last day
      • wait on trac; figure out how we're going to work, if trac, then sure.

- brian is a texan.

    • issues with TODOs for Beta2?
      • clean up tickets (lots from the rollover)
      • take a serious look at beta2 when we get back from paris
      • by two weeks from now trac will be clean

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