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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2007 2007-03-01 Project-wide 3:45 GMT

2007-03-01 Project-wide 3:45 GMT

Attending: Andrew, Brian, Chris, Curtis, Donald, Jean-Marie, Josh


  • Beta 1.1 release
  • ICE Update (Josh)
  • Importer Migration
  • Curtis travel times


  • Beta 1.1 Release
    • Success!!!
  • ICE Update (Josh)
    • A pain in the butt
    • Server side implementation is almost done
    • Working on the C++ co-generation implementation
    • Working on a python version against the server afterwards
  • Importer Migration
    • Now moving Beta 1.1 changes to trunk
    • After that, starting on importing new formats
  • Curtis travel times
    • The travel dates to come to Paris sound good
    • Curtis will discuss with Kevin and Melissa to see if this is ok
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