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2006-12-07 Omero Review Meeting - Beta 1 09:30 GMT

Attending: Brian, Josh, Chris, Donald, Jean-Marie


  • Review of last week's meeting if necessary.
  • News and Updates
  • Current "Sprint" Beta1
  • Review of who is doing what
  • Other
    • Where does the admin tool live? And the importer gui?


  • Repository Solutions
    • separate repository?
    • svn:externals?
    • tools directory! (utilities) omero/component/tools/importer
      • importer lib/
      • admin tool, too.
    • We'll figure the jar issue out later.

    • Big Endian Switch
      • romio will now assume that all files on disk are big-endian
      • after switch all data is bad; will have to re-import
      • jean-marie will do a little testing before the move
      • mage will temporarily be unviewable
      • brian will import new data (as jean-marie)

    • Admin tool
      • Quick login dialog then gets checked in
    • Install testing is the next phase
    • Closing problems seem to be good.
    • Permgen ticket. #551


  • Discuss Jar issue (copy or link)
  • Chris updates mage and uses Donald's admin tool to create groups
  • Donald checks in
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