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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2006 2006-11-23 Omero Review Meeting - Beta 1 09:30 GMT

2006-11-23 Omero Review Meeting - Beta 1 09:30 GMT



  • Review of last week's OMERO-Shoola meeting if necessary
  • News and Updates
  • Current Iteration Beta1
  • Tagging M3
  • Review of who is doing what
  • Other


  • updates
    • andrew's stuff getting done
  • beta
    • brian made roadmap look pretty
    • chris stays off installer? he'll make sure it's done for all the various combinations.
    • all tickets ok
    • chris will do directories, and get back to josh
  • tagging
    • josh hard-copied the importer
    • jean-marie is fixing last minute bugs
    • chris does a vanilla install
    • josh updates tiki.
    • jason will be informed so he can sen email

  • Also
    • mtg next week at normal time.
    • josh will do the inversion bug by the 15th.
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