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2006-08-31 Project-wide 3:45 BST

Attending: Brian, Chris, Donald, Iggie, Jean-Marie, Josh, Stefan


  • Review of last project-wide meeting notes/issues
  • Week-in-review
    • versions (josh)
    • group field & other security questions
    • #306 bean howto
    • "USE" uses


  • Chmod/Chown/Delete and Graph walks
    • In general a quirky thing. Two paradigms:
      • VMS : A creates file in directory belonging to B. B can't delete directory.
      • Ext2 : A creates same file. B can delete directory, and pointer to A is deleted. (cF. Hard-links)
    • Here A's file could be an ImageAnnotation and B's directory an Image). We're going with the more VMS approach. Linking (or "USEing") causes things to be locked.
    • In terms of permissions, however, it's possible for the annotation to be attached and then set to unreadable, meaning that B's image is undeletable even if B can't see A's annotation.
    • A related problem is how to deal with recursive chmods or similar. Basically the graph walker has to be the intelligent middleman and know when to do what. (Josh made the outrageous remark here of adding metadata to the relationships. This was seen as explosive in the relational model (and RDF?) but may still be possible with EmfAsDsl?. ~JAM) Starting a DeleteGraphWalker or ChmodGraphWalker at Image should indeed hit pixels and all its contained items. Starting at channel, less so. Things that "own" those images, etc. shouldn't be hit. (Jam - but how will we know? Always skip Details?? Or does one-many fully fulfill our expectations?)

  • Mike Porter is having trouble with find spots and for some reason some of his images he is only getting 50% of the data (the second half with Centroid data doesn't get filled in).

Action Items

  • Chris: Prepare OME 2.6.0 release for next week (at Jason's return).
  • Brian: Send Ilya some of the .STK's used by Michael Porter (the ones that aren't working) along with the procedure he is using for the find spots.

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