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2006-08-03 Project-wide 3:45 BST

Attending: Brian, Chris, Ilya, Jason, Jean-Marie, Stefan


  • Review of last project-wide meeting notes/issues
  • Week-in-review
  • An M2 package? (Jason)
  • How many, and what kind of packages?? (Jason)
  • File format suppport-- priorities? (Jason)


  • Import doesn't currently support any sort of multi-file format import (such as LEI files), and will need to extended to include that functionality.
  • Stefan is going to make some changes to the build system to support his work with Continuous Integration and Cruise Control. Hopefully this won't break anything, but keep your eyes open for anything odd!
  • NOTE: We are renaming PlaneInfo to PlaneAquisitionInfo in the XML spec.

Action Items

  • Jason is going to check to see what works with shoola in OME 2.6.0.
  • Chris is going to bundle up 2.6.0 rc2 when Ilya is ready.
  • Chris needs to update the web page.
  • Chris & Brian, talk to Curtis about including multi-file formats in BioFormats. (Curtis may already have some of this functionality in VisBio).
  • Jason, please pass Brian/Chris a list of potential users for OMERO/Import so we can prioritize the next import file format to support.
  • Ilya requests that we (ie: Brian) try the new OS 10 install for OME on a few Intel-based Macs (ie: Brian's) to make sure its all working correctly. (Bugzilla any bugs).
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