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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2006 2006-07-28 Omero Review Meeting - M3 / Iter 2 12:30 BST

2006-07-28 Omero Review Meeting - M3 / Iter 2 12:30 BST

Attending: Brian, Donald, Jean-Marie, Josh

  • Review of last project-wide meeting notes/issues
  • Review of last review if necessary
  • CurrentIteration ( M3/2 )
  • UpcomingIteration ( M3/3 )

Review website (for ticket related matters):


  • Need to add a manual "serialized number" to version of the jar files for better tracking of when things are out of sync. (#165)
  • There was a good discussion about putting together a server/client/importer package set and how we should do this. This topic needs to be further discussed at the next meeting when all the team are together again. Until #165 is fixed, having everything in the same build (importer/server/shoola) would be beneficial.
  • Jason is going to start logging his bugs to Trac so they will have more transparency/accountability.

Action Items

  • No one has any open tickets except Josh! Please make sure you log all bugs. Its vital we get back on the ticket system so we have visibility amongst ourselves! Make an effort to log all bugs and changes, even if you put in a small note.
  • Jean-Marie: start working on packaging up Shoola so we can move forward with distributing this to other folks. (Same for Import and Server when Chris returns).
  • Everyone please read over Josh's security omero page at and provide Josh some feedback.
  • Jason and/or Chris provide Saarland with zips (Thanks ~JAM)
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