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2006-07-20 Project-wide 3:45 BST

Attending: Brian, Catriona, Donald, Jason, Josh


  • Review of last project-wide meeting notes/issues
  • Week-in-review
    • Baltimore
      • Release status (2.6.0 branch on 2006-07-21?)
      • Status of XML updates
      • Tiki OME/OMERO proposals/writeups differentiation
      • Interop - if, when and how
    • Boston
    • Dundee
      • a zip for saarland.
    • Madison


  • More work needs to be done with Tiki to help differentiate OMERO and OME information. Josh and Jason have graciously offered to start this work! Thanks!
  • A few shoola issues exist that still need to be fixed. Jason is going to talk to Jean-Marie about updating the SVN to fix them.
  • The import library needs some proper documentation soon to accomodate people who want to make their own custom import formats.
  • Josh has the security model more or less implemented and is now setting up test cases to run against the model. He is also adding documentation.

Action Items

  • Jason/Josh - tiki fixes
  • Jason - Requirements from Lars
  • Brian - Import docs/code comments
  • Brian - fix the memory bug in the old version of Importer

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