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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2006 2006-06-02 Omero Review Meeting - M2 / Iter 2 (Moved to Friday, 12:30)

2006-06-02 Omero Review Meeting - M2 / Iter 2 (Moved to Friday, 12:30)

Attending: Brian, Catriona, Chris, Donald, Josh, Stefan


  • Review of last project-wide meeting notes/issues
  • Review of last review if necessary
  • CurrentIteration ( cycle 1 inter 2 )
  • UpcomingIteration ( cycle 1 inter 3 )
  • Rough longer-term planning (i.e. "Themed" cycles/iterations)
    • Iteration 3
      • IType, IAdmin and ticket 52
      • Rois
    • Iteration 4
      • ModelIteration
    • Cycle 2
      • Security
    • CruiseControl Iteration
    • JEE 5\Modelling Iteration
    • Windows-Support (Build, Run, Development)

Review website (for ticket related matters):


  • The unified RIO model is a go-ahead and we are currently waiting on some data to be sent by Jason and Ilya before Josh continues with development.
  • Stefan is currently configuring a postgres box and is ready for a OMRERO db dump from Chris shortly.
  • Several tickets from iteration 2 (#7, #22, #28, #5) have been moved to iteration 3 and 4 to accommodate changing schedules and priorities.
  • There was a discussion about the setup of acquisition data for bio-formats and OME/OMERO types - especially those dealing with LogicalChannel. The current model makes it difficult to import certain types of data. Both Chris and Brian will be working on how to get this working and will propose changes needed to help solve the problem (one possibility is to create LogicalChannels uid's before LC's get saved to the database, for example).
  • short discussion on the state of oracle's spatial db and postgis. basically none of this gets us anything in the short term but we can try to:
    • keep rois clean for plugging in other spatial system.
    • provide a layer on top of DB to move forwards now
    • look into how to link in and out of various backends!!!
  • the next two iterations (3&4) seem to focus on:
    • multiviewer
    • rendering
    • import
    • meta-types
    • search tickets ( & jpa testing )
    • starting with @annotations ( starting with img. )

Action Items

  • Donald: Ticket #8 needs to be broken down into a number of smaller tickets.
  • postponing old actions until next week.
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