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2006-05-26 Project-wide

Attending: Brian, Chris, Donald, Jason, Jean-Marie, Josh, Stefan


  • Review of last project-wide meeting notes/issues
  • Week-in-review
  • Week-to-come
  • And as always, WhoNeedsWhatFromWhomByWhen
    • Documentation Tickets (Josh)


  • Link to Pixels: OME-Perl will most likely implement something to make sure this linkage happen.
  • ROIs: moving forward with the Unified ROI Model
  • Calendars - Seems everyone likes their own calendar so we are using the Tiki Calendar page to track ics url links.
  • TRAC - Don't assign projects to multiple users - this is currently broken.
  • Iterations - we need a system that allows us to easily sort tickets which are unscheduled. This would allow us to add tickets without having to assign them to a specific iteration.
  • Versions: We need to track version numbers more accurately in any of our "forward facing" applications (like Shoola and Resurrect).
  • Tickets #87 and #102 will be handled by Chris and Josh. Comments will be posted in the tickets themselves.

Action Items

  • Everyone please update the Calendar page on the Tiki with your .ics enabled url to your calendar.
  • Chris: Have a meeting with Jason about the security model to discuss the few remaining caveats that could cause issues (applying permission changes to hierarchies, etc.), and outline what permissions (READ/WRITE/ATTACH) we want to support.
  • Josh: Please look at how to make an unscheduled iteration for Trac. [Done] See Views as well
  • Chris: Install Trac stored procedures for Josh.
  • Chris: Send Jean-Marie the subversion fields required to add the time-stamp and revision number to the Shoola. (Ideally write a best practices Tiki page about how to implement this).
  • Chris: Will respond to API tickets 87 and 102.
  • Everyone: If anyone runs across any undocumented code, please let Josh know by adding a Trac Ticket about what was missing. (use the Documentation component)
  • Jason: So we can accomodate everyone's time schedules, please look at making the meetings bi-weekly, with a time slot for Europe one set of weeks, and a time slot for North America the other set of weeks.
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