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You are here: Home Community Minutes Conference Calls 2006 2006-04-27 B,B,D or "Project-wide" (Brian in Dundee!). Madison review.

2006-04-27 B,B,D or "Project-wide" (Brian in Dundee!). Madison review.

Attending: Brian, Catriona, Chris, Donald, Harry, Jason, Jean-Marie, Jeremy, Josh, Sheldon, Stefan, Tony


  • Review of last project-wide confcall's action points
  • Review of Madison meeting
    • Resurrect, where to go from here? (Chris & Brian)
    • Bio-Formats, where to go from here? (Chris & Brian)
    • CellProfiler -> OME-XML translation (Sheldon & Harry)
  • Week-to-come
  • And as always, WhoNeedsWhatFromWhomByWhen


  • Review of 2006-04-06 Meeting: Most of the work from early april has been completed. Next weeks meeting with Josh and Stefan will hopefuily solidify the last few remaining items.
  • Basic client-based Resurrect should be done this weekend.
  • Bio-Formats have just recently been updated and can be found here. The Dundee team needs to look at the XML format produced and decide if this will meet our needs and how to integrate it into the importer. Will happen next week.
  • Work continues on the OME XML - CellProfiler specification
  • The redesign of the OME XML specification is coming along nicely. The screening portion of the spec has been completed and is in evaluation by several labs. We expect to solidify a final canditate of this portion by the start of June 2006.

Upcoming this week

  • Completion of the Screening Model
  • Completion of Resurrect
  • Workaround for the Hibernate Bug (HHH-1401)

With these items, M1 milestone should be done!

Action Items

  • Everyone please Review your existing use cases and update the ROI5D Proposals page
  • Familiarize yourself with Bugzilla and use it!
  • Jeremy and Chris need to talk about the website changes.
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