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2006-04-13 Dundee

Attending: Brian, Chris, Donald, Jason, Jean-Marie, Josh, Stefan


  • Review of previous notes/issues
  • Week-in-review
    • Dundee
      • deployment (josh)
        • getting server setup was easy
        • weird problem, fixed.
      • unit-of-work review (josh)
        • jean-marie&chris suppose that jboss will fix it
        • otherwise, we continue with the regularly scheduled fix.
      • build
        • distribution ant target (josh) — javadoc, EAR file, and /client libs ready to go.
        • continuous integration (stefan)
        • /etc (josh) — should we put *.properties files under /etc
        • expectations, branches, and such.
        • what (specific) problems have we had?
      • milestones (josh)
        • we've missed first two --> re-scheduling.
        • what do the milestones mean, what can be expected.
        • priorities, responsibilities
        • not yet
      • visit.
  • Week-to-come
  • And as always, WhoNeedsWhatFromWhomByWhen
    • presentation?


  • Discussed changing the format of the weekly meeting. The proposal is to move the general meeting to once every two weeks and allow the local teams to meet amongst themselves on alternate weeks. (See Conference Calls for an updated and extended list)
  • Stephan is setting up a continuous integration server so everything gets checked out to a fresh server once every hour. This means if something gets checked in that breaks the server we will be know right away. Currently he is working on an MS Windows build with MySQL (to verify that it works well in that environment).
  • Discussed the use of the .ics calendar. The verdict is that we need to work with it a bit more and possibly look at our needs and alternate tools (once Brian is in Dundee). Tutorials for everyone once Brian et al are finally all in Dundee after Madison.
  • Currently Josh's work on the unit-of-work solution is being tabled until we get the server (and remoting technology) in place to determine where the real serialization problems might be.
  • Josh has set up a binary distribution for the server that should be downloadable and working with a few simple config file changes.
  • Some discussion about release planning and version numbering. This is a discussion that needs to brought up again so we can solidify these concepts. Also discussed the use of milestones.
  • Josh made some changes to how Maven and Ant are used. Basically no one should need to deal with Maven now unless they are adding new libraries to the build. Whether we want to continuing to use Maven in the future is something that needs review.
  • None of our current milestones are completed but we are currently somewhere between the M1 and M2 milestones. It looks like we just need to pull together the last few bits of code to get the M1 milestone complete. (See Omero Releases? for the updated milestones)
  • A discussion of where various milestone items (such as Thumbnailing and Importing) should sit. The suggestion is that Thumbnailing be moved to M2, and Importing should be moved to M3.

Action Items

  • Lets finish our milestones for M1!!
  • Josh please get a copy of the Oracle server setup from Valentin.
  • A future look at calendaring tools (Brian has some ideas).
  • Need to solidifying our version numbering / release planning / milestones.
  • Work out a time for Josh to visit. (May 5th-ish?)
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