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2006-03-16 B,B,D,C

Attending: Brian, Chris, Harry, Jeremy, Jean-Marie, Josh, Tony


  • Review of last week's notes/issues
  • Week-in-review
    • Baltimore
    • Boston
    • Dundee
      • Rendering Engine Status (Chris)
      • Subversion Status (Chris)
      • Calendaring Update (Chris)
      • Bugs, bugs, bugs (Josh)
  • Week-to-come
  • And as always, WhoNeedsWhatFromWhomByWhen


  • Review of last week's notes: Last weeks conference notes are coming, honest!

  • Baltimore
    • Nothing new from Baltimore this week.

  • Dundee
    • Rendering engine is now largely running. Check out for a screenshot. We are currently working on the last few bugs.

    • The Calendar is now up as well, folks can check it out with iCal (or other calendar program) from the following Schedule Calendar link.

    • Bugs are being worked on by Josh - stay tuned!

Action Items

  • "Tasks that need doing" from Josh (for the new hiring position)

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