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2006-01-19 B,B,D,C

Attending: Brian, Chris, Donald, Harry, Jean-Marie, Jason, Josh, Sheldon, Tony


  • Review of last week's notes/issues
  • Week-in-review
    • Baltimore
    • Boston
    • Dundee
      • Clarify Hierarchy root notion.
      • Documentation, coding strategy (i.e. communication client/server).
      • Doc templates.
  • Week-to-come
  • And as always, WhoNeedsWhatFromWhomByWhen


  • Review of last weeks discussion:

    • Ilya - Jason discussion:
      • Need to get a release out (as opposed to going to CVS).
      • Should approach 'Bernd' for helping us with the SPEW model (screen plate and well).
      • Want to invite a number of individuals for a hard core "chit chat".

    • Baltimore
      • Still focusing on the webUI, some of this work may fit in with SPEW work.

    • Cambridge
      • Talked over Cluster stuff with Chris and is on track
      • Sheldon is not clear on how to access the pixel data from SHOOLA (Jean-Marie and Sheldon will finish discussion on this offline).

    • Dundee
      • Jean-Marie wants clarification from the group on how to handle group management on the client. What level of access to do we provide? Jason suggests a compromise, and suggests that data that is 'world viewable' can only be viewed one group at a time. (This will be clarified in a further offline discussion)
      • Jean-Marie brought up the point that now that we are spread out, we need to work on a way to organized our documentation and communication more clearly so we don't loose important information. He will spearhead a template for us to use.
      • Chris and Brian are working on the transforms, currently have 8 of the 9 that are nearly finished.
      • Server side people: what is the roadmap? Most of the writing API should be done by end of January, followed by the its documentation.

Action Items

    • Sheldon and Jean-Marie to discuss how to access pixel data in Shoola
    • An offline discussion about group access features in the client is needed
    • The new version of the datamanger should be up this week for Jason to play with
    • Jean-Marie will give Josh a Write-API wishlist so we can finish the server side roadmap.
    • Need to finalize the exception handling for write operations between the server and client.
    • The four year plan for OME is being constructed next week. This will be submitted eventually for our grants.. please send requests for the plan to Jason (no masseuse!)
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