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2005-11-17 Boston, Dundee



  • Review last week's action points
  • Decisions/Issues
  • Week-in-review
    • Bugs (josh)
    • Eclipse, everyone? (josh)
    • Documentation, everyone?
  • Week-to-come
    • Importer (Chris, Brian)
      • Non-contiguous images (ex. where wavelength one has z-sections and wavelength two does not)
      • Client-server observer pattern and Ice server-client invocation
      • Configuration option storage and/or import (database and/or XML files)
      • Event hierarchies (how to delete/query all images from one import or just all metadata from one image)
  • And as always, WhoNeedsWhatFromWhomByWhen

Notes (Tony, Brian, Josh, Jean-Marie, Chris)

  • Review old ActionPoints
    • Carried over a couple here (Josh: UTF / Timestamp; Jason ?? )
  • Jean-Marie
    • What to do with Wiki (not uptodate)
    • Tests
    • OME-SRV-TESTS vs. Hibernate
  • Brian
    • gone through tiki
    • what's proposal; what's out-of-date
    • still open issue (lot of information for first week)
  • Tony
    • cleaning up tiki's a good thing
    • talk by Ann Carpenter (CellProfiler)
    • John Alback (sp?) (Sorger lab) — tracking with imagej (<--> ome)
    • want to call Zach (use cases for OME); talk on monday
  • Josh
    • annotations and config (see bugs 607,609)
  • Chris
    • design of importer
    • going through file formats (and new ones)
    • Issues
      • non-contiguous images (change data model?)(raw 5D format?) for Jason
      • client-server observer.
        • validation of grouping/transformations (feedback)
        • cancel
        • request of information from client by server
      • config
        • max files, etc.
        • changeable. but not runtime.
        • plugin specific.
      • tracking:
        • mex for whole import
        • mex for single image (determining what to delete on rollback)
  • Tests
    • base-line database on test database. (DBUNIT? -j.m)
    • don't get too far away from server tests.
    • (jm — look into PojoTxTest)


From last time

  • josh make timestamp
  • josh examine UTF issues (apostrophes — unicode.) DONE~needs testing.
  • Jason?


  • Jason/Jean-Marie decide what to do with Shoola code based on OME-JAVA (data models, wiki documentation)
  • Everyone: OldDocumentation page — Restructuring Tiki (Percent complete. Status. {Proposal, Draft, Etc.} — TIKI Manager?)
  • Josh codeStyle in subversion links from code management DONE
  • Chris/Brian — multiple pages of documentation (disclosable?)
  • Josh/Chris/Brian - 800 GMT talk on observer pattern (basic state diagram; where communication needs to happen) DONE


  • Josh/Jean-Marie discussion for next week on testing.

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