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2005-11-10 Boston, Dundee



  • Decisions/Issues
  • Week-in-review
    • DSL & Ice-Types (Josh)
    • Tiki OMERO docs (update and complete) ( unificiation? usage on wiki? -jam)
    • OMERO2 documentation (API especially): status? required level?
    • Dundee Hires
    • Import-- where are we?
  • Week-to-come
  • WhoNeedsWhatFromWhomByWhen


  • Week-in-review
    • Tony
      • everything for running on Omero
      • bundled out hiViewer; sheldon working on bundling.
      • Tony — looking at Jeff's browser. works as plugin beside HiViewers (Proof-of-concept of bundling. options!)
    • Josh
      • Set/List: issue of equality
      • Date: long??? String! // ome.util.Timestamp { } //looking at constructors
      • Valid : artifact of web (no not-null!) bug. Omero is acting properly.
    • Jason
      • docs: big fat holes. for new members. zach. some jason. rest us guys.
      • coordination. use "Development Facts..." as template. DFP II
        • less granularity on DFP; more granularity in GanttChart. description of job vs. details of what job is.
    • Jean-Marie
      • need to add tests.
      • OME-SRV-TESTS. will look at it on the side.

  • Week-to-come
    • Josh: doc/testing (uml->dsl on the side)
    • Jean-Marie: start writing tests; changing dataManger a bit
    • Brian: do some of the testing; gets hands wet.
    • Tony: getting bundled
    • Jason: talks to Barry (coming back soon) (travelling otherwise)
    • Barry: extending searching, sorting (thumbnails) Part of Barry's project (not with us before end of the month)


  • chris talk to zeroc
  • josh make timestamp
  • josh examine UTF issues (apostrophes — unicode.)
  • everyone look at CodeStyle
  • bugzilla: Omero ==> Product, launchpad??
  • Jason: DFP --> clone.
  • Josh: GanttChart private sync with Jason.
  • chris and josh little doc on datetime/set+list Done: Omero Remoting Issues
  • jason: deprecate some pages;
  • everyone: examine Shoola/Java-Server link. for one week.
  • jason an email on what needs to be edited in wiki
  • then tony/sheldon stuff into Shoola or java-server
  • josh look at OME-SRV-TESTS; jean-marie re-writing for OMERO (next week)
  • jean-marie: possibly a new repository for OME-SRV-TESTS. since someone might use OME-JAVA
  • josh add UserDetails => jmarie Shoola synchronization DONE
  • josh document ErrorHandling (ome.conditions.Policy) => jmarie Shoola synchronization DONE: Exception handling?
  • brian to demand documentation; tony/sheldon too.
  • josh moves reference.pdf --> wiki (tutorial, pdf, later.) DONE
  • brian interfaces with josh on import.
  • tony sends jean-marie a zip of the heat map code
  • Jason and jmarie: shoola review


  • Nada.

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