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2005-10-26 Boston, Dundee


Free-flow agenda



  • Cleared up Tony's questions (Roi5D can contain multiple types to, e.g., make a sphere); no need for Roi6D
  • Doable with Feature; but first we need to fully define what we want to give clients
  • Ease of understanding
  • Questions of performance

Weekly Tasks

  • Chris : working on big screen performance tests, deconvolution
  • Jean-Marie : getting ready for Shoola 2.5
  • Josh : cleaning up freeze, mapping types


  • Release needs to be pushed back
  • Get (Got!) UML PNGs to Josh
  • All should read and comment on Tony & Sheldon's External Analysis Doc
  • Start using Bugzilla for the OMERO Java Server 2.5 freeze
  • Code drop for Boston which works with OMERO Java Server?


  • Visualization algorithm for ScreenPlateWell

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