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2004-11-05 Dundee, DKFZ



  1. Updates from Jason's meetings in the states.
  2. Current status (ROI analysis, future of the Browser, etc.)
  3. Asynchronous data services.
  4. Current/known problems with ome-java and OMEDS and how to shield agents.
  5. Plugin architecture and Eclipse, separate CVS modules for "experiments".
  6. Josh mtg with Josiah, Semantic Web, Hibernate, Java version, etc. // HTP ! // Bioimage, DSTC, eclipse, ExperiBase
  7. Import of Plates/Sites
  8. time in scotland or US? for josh
  9. update on

Jason's non-technical stuff

  • visited peter and ilya
  • paper on OME-XML
  • future: open source & commercial version (uk?) (up to 10-20 people) — details coming (us corp. for code, data model) white paper, etc.
  • need for project manager. (salary,...)
  • small business research in US. difficulties in patent arena. (awarded in cell phenotypes) ... IP!!! (papers & patents)
  • code policy: research areas (break system)--> branch creation policy (wiki and nitpick) (go to subversion for this? -josh) anything broken in HEAD everyone fixes it. (third party patches being controlled centrally eventually??)---> plugin architecture will help this!!! (stf)
  • searchable archive for wiki, nitpick, bugzilla, ....?? (chris)
  • proposal: finishing up at the end of the year — freeze? — 6 weeks of defining rebuild of arch. (large mtg. mid feb.)
  • communication has got to get better, videos; more traveling
  • perhaps an extended meeting for the arch. rebuild

Josh's meeting

  • will CC this group on stuff
  • josh will possibly branch embl changes. or upload patches.

Faults / Error handling

  • need to protect the shield agents
  • need hierarchy on server and client
  • OME-JAVA shouldn't throw IllegalArgumentException
  • Perhaps need to change _ALL_ XML-RPC code for granularity
  • will: fix browser agent for global categories

Perl problems

  • Chris tries to reproduce
  • Josh tries to find differences between two instances


  • Stefan may need to merge manually (hash maps)
  • getting a central point to download images (caching!) — new agent


  • Harry's arguments against.


  • need optimization everywhere (server, thumbnails,...)
  • off-line:chris and josh talk about sites; jason and josh about time abroad;
  • discuss month in scotland
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