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2004-10-05 Dundee, DKFZ



  • Categories. Done.
  • Null Pointer Exception. Done.
  • Data Object and Attribute. Done.
  • Bug lists, Wiki-writes
  • Website

a) Categories: I agreed to make the additions to the BrowserAgent(and Josiah signed up for taking care with the migration of local categories) to deal with global Categories; things that I see are to do: Change scope in ST's for categories, filter out Categories from all global ST's , fetch Categories from global in BrowserAgent - something left out?

b) NullPointerException with images of 12bit depth inside 16bit-tiffs

c) difference between DataObject and Attribute (generalize "BrowsableImage"? I guess Jean-Marie mentioned something in this line last week)

We'll have to agree on a), so that I can start coding, b) right now is a show-stopper for us, so we just have to decide, how to deal with, and maybe we can very briefly talk about c), as it will become clearer, when I checked in the refactored code - I just want to know, wether I'm doing something that has already been done somewhere else

DM Services (Shoola)

  • Isolates "ome-java" code from agents
  • ome-java general purpose API (HTTP transport w/ XML-RPC encapsulation)
  • ome-java criteria classes are key
  • only the data asked for in the criteria is retrieved, access to data that hasn't been asked for gives NPE's
  • provides distinct interfaces to data that only contain data asked for and isolates criteria from the agents


  • try to make do with globalizing-categories
  • look into screen/plate STs

Null Pointer

  • Currently Shoola is NOT usable for Mito Check!
  • weird.
  • Chris is importing them and Dundee will take a look.

Big Meeting

  • Eclipse
  • Java
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