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2004-09-28 Dundee, DKFZ




  • Who is doing what, respective plans. Done.
  • Shoola's CVS. Done.
  • Threading in Shoola. Done.
  • Testing in Shoola and OMEDS test suite. Done.
  • Shoola docs. Briefly.
  • Server-side issues. Briefly.

  • Plate Viewer Tabled.
  • Categories Briefly.
  • Screens in general (Object model, etc.) Tabled.

  • XML-RPC in general Tabled.
  • The semantics of SemanticTypes Tabled.

Who what

  • Priority: merging back into HEAD. (Shoola 2.2.1)
  • AF,JM - Shoola (not Browser) with refactor
  • Stefan makes requirements for annotations & categories. Immediate (RNA) & Long-term ()
  • Josh & Chris need to get knee deep into categories on server side. (into DB...)
  • Need list of exactly what we need in the UI with regard to categories
  • Caveat: whenever new ST need to update the Java-lib (DTO); can use attributes (generic) interface perhaps?? Stefan: good to use a generic framework without hard-coded DTOs. Stefan makes wiki on the dynamic STs, rendering etc.
  • Andrea may be taking over OME-JAVA.
  • Stefan makes sure Categories are kept in BrowserAgent.
  • Chris gets OMEIS 32bit fixed up (end oct). Then analysis tool (closed-source) on backend, and rendering on OMEIS.
  • Next year look at OME Java version. (Client-->OMEIS-->OMEDS)


  • short emails and to the point (like IM)
  • try to use the wiki when possible
  • use bugzilla for bugs and enhancements! (enter bug number in cvs commits)
  • Andrea will put up package model
  • Josh sends Chris list of bug lists and modules
  • weekly conf calls
  • DKFZ is looking at month turn around


  • OME_2_2 is current branch.. Was patch branch. Turned into catch all.
  • About to merge back into HEAD (end of week)
  • Did Jeff port to HEAD?
  • Stefan sees what happens at end of week.
  • 2,000-3,000 lines of changes not back ported to HEAD
  • Harry's stuff is only in HEAD. We'll try to keep it together.


General discussion

  • Need dataset view
  • Jeff's code good, but not working. --> suggestion: take and make plate viewer work, refactor it. support from jeff. (quick solution: heat map, ....)
  • Try to avoid overlap with Harry. How to integrate? Andrea discusses with Harry with a list of requirements from Stefan.


  • Recieving everything at startup
  • Showing all STs to user
  • Email to Stefan


  • Andrea puts docs up
  • Agree: need central library for threads
  • Using own library to control everything. Quite small. If need more, we can discuss that.
  • Eclipse — a lot of sense, but the code that would benefit is < 10%.
  • While rendering is on client, need that thread lib.
  • Afterwards, we can look at porting.
  • Getting rendering on server by end of year.


  • Andrea has lots that's not in CVS (OMEDS as blackbox)
  • Issue of converting to Java version is closely related to testing
  • Need to complete coverage of all OMEDS functionality before we shift.
  • Andrea puts test suite in middle of next week.


  • Goes up next weeks.


  • Only in browser
  • Everything is work to phenotyp
  • Have to use valid field.


  • Chris tests OME_2_2 OME::Web inside HEAD
  • Josh sends TIFFs .

Middle of next week. Conference call. Tuesday at lunch time.
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